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You can now enjoy the #1 Dairy-Free Cheese in Food Service

Barnaby's Dairy-Free Cheese is fast becoming a leader in the Food Service space. Our focus on our cheese performance & with our attention to taste and mouth feel - makes our range of Dairy-Free Cheeses the obvious choice for food businesses that are serious about providing the best for their customers.

Thats Barnabys - a mouthwatering cheese experience. By changing what we consume, we can affect the future of the planet, one cheesy bite at a time.

Dairy-Free Cheeses that Melt, Taste Great & are 100% Vegan!

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Our Cheese is Free From Allergens

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Why Dairy-Free/Vegan Cheese?

The research is in and it’s clear – by eating whole foods, made from plants, is better for you, better for the animals and for our planet. Enjoying a plant-based diet of vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes is an easy way to lessen our environmental footprint and get a head start on that healthy lifestyle we’re always being told about. Enjoying a plant-based lifestyle also helps contribute to less demand for animal agriculture production.

Going plant-based is not only vegan but can help in numerous ways

*improve your gut-health and digestion*

*enhance your fitness potential*

*balance your hormones levels*

*lessen your disease risk profile*

You also get to help the animals & our planet…

Consuming Barnaby's Dairy Free products helps by reducing demand for unfriendly dairy farming practices which are a huge strain on our planet’s resources. Our increasing population means we simply can’t afford our meat and dairy based diets anymore. Moving to a plant-based diet reduces environmental impact, is an enormous boost for animal welfare and encourages more sustainable agriculture for every economy.

Vegan is not a diet… it’s a lifestyle…

Take Barnaby's first step towards a healthier, sustainable future… for you, the animals and for our planet.

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