Dairy-Free Mozzarella That Melts & Stretches!!

Yes, its possible folks.

You can have a plant-based cheese that melts & stretches just like a dairy cheese, most of which we all grew up with.

Not only that, a plant-based cheese that produces a mouth-feel - just like the dairy we all know & a taste that is reminiscent of our pre plant-based days. And the texture that again takes your experience to exactly where it needs to go.

For a long time, a lack of demand meant that any plant-based cheese would do. Soy, Tofu - they all were used in the first plant-based cheeses made, and then came the nut based cheese, which is very popular today. Many of the earlier cheeses did not provide a realistic dairy-type experience, least taste!

As the awareness and demand for plant-based cheese expanded, it created new opportunities for innovative companies to experiment to find plant-based cheeses with much better performance, whereby it really does replicate the performance of cheese with casein and whey.

The new breed of plant-based cheese manufacturers take this very seriously. Taste and general performance of the products are critical to gain any market traction. Consumers are demanding better tasting and better dairy-free cheese more generally. Manufacturers are employing the best young technological talent around to produce the best cheese, with dairy-free cheese with the most identical taste and performance as a dairy cheese, but with the cleanest possible ingredient list.

As the market continues to grow for dairy-free and vegan products, so will the demand for products that actually taste like what they are meant to be alternatives for. The flexitarian or the occassional plant-based eater will be more easily led to these alternative and overall better products (for health, animals and the planet) when the food is good.

And we are getting there, we think we have cracked the code!! Our cheeses are incredible, smooth, delicious and provide amazing mouth feel.


But, lets not us tell you, why don't you order for samples for your food business and taste for yourself!  Drop us an email hello@dairyfreecheese.com.au



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