Does All Vegan Cheeses Taste So Different?

Well, this is an interesting question and one that as a manufacturer, we can not hide from. The cheese we produce is either great tasting and reminent of past cheesy experiences, or its completely off and texturally wrong.


Let it be said, that you can never precisely mimic tastes using different ingredients. Its chemically impossible, however, over the years the range of vegan cheeses have improved and continue to improve - and we think we know why!

Firstly, lets look at the two main types of vegan cheese (and for that matter the same is for dairy cheese). Analogue Vegan Cheese, or analogue plant-based cheese uses a plant protein usually in the form of an oil with naturally occurring starches, from plants like tapioca or potato, or even cauliflower. Its mixed with other natural flavours, derived from plants and the product of this is something like our Cheddar, Mozzarella or even Cream Cheese Altenative. These cheese types are the 'everyday' cheese selections - easy on price and availability.

The other vegan cheese is a fermented type of cheese, using nuts and bacterias and processed in much the same way as dairy/milk cheeses. These take longer to make and generally are produced by artisan producers.

Like a dairy cheese, the process to heat and work these ingredients into cheese create a variety of unique tastes, mouth feels and textures. Dairy cheese is very unique an particular in terms of its characteristics - that smelly cheese we all remember. 

The greatest challenge for manufacturers is to not only create that taste,mouth feel and texture we all truly expect, but also balance this with the performance of the cheese. In other words, does the cheese melt and stretch under conditions that are exact as you would use in any other type of cheese? Does it not seperate when heated? Does it reheat after being cooled and still performance as one would expect?

We put a massive amount of emphasis and focus on our food technology. We understand that TASTE is king! Nothing else really matters, and when consumers find a truly delicious product, they will stay with it. 

Our challenge will always to be at the pointy end of the highest regard to our taste profiles. Our mouth feel we put a lot of attention on, and the texture is the result of thousands of hours of extensive research and development. 

Our Food Technologist is a vegan - as is almost all our business. We truly care for the quality of our product because we consume it. That is our difference, our Dairy-Free Cheese means the absolute world to us - whereas alot of other manufacturers make vegan cheese because its a growing commercial opportunity.

In the end, the better cheese will always be recognised - and the growth in plant-based nutrition means that we as consumers can really expect that the quality of all vegan cheese to improve.



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