Barnaby's Mission & Foundation

We are a business owned by two families - started with the mission to bring awareness to the alternatives to the cruelty of the dairy industry. We do this by bringing more vegan & ethical foods into the food system to replace those with more harm.
We know at the current rate of consumption of our most common dairy foods - its simply unsustainable. Our love of cheese inspired us to providing you with a dairy-free alternative to enjoy & share with your life's loves without any of the harms that the dairy cheese has.
We are passionate about reducing harm to Dairy Cows & their families
Our Dairy-Free Cheese Alternatives have been created to help us become better advocates for a vegan lifestyle more generally. 
We pledge to provide 5% of our proceeds of our Dairy-Free Cheese to support grass-roots activist movements which generate positive dialogue toward injustices in the communities we serve. If you are an organisation that is needing support, simply let us know about you by emailing
We are grateful to be the working with our business partners in New Zealand, who provide the food technology skills & manufacturing assets - make our Dairy-Free Cheese & Snacks exclusively into Australia & Canada (with more export markets to be announced).  They operate the only 'Dairy-Free Cheese' facility that is plant-based, soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free in the southern hemisphere. We collaborate on food technology, recipe development, production, marketing/sales & distribution/logistics to create our Barnabys Dairy-Free Cheese Food-service lines of Cheddar, Mozzarella, Feta, Sour Cream and Cream Cheese Alternatives. We are always looking at developing new and exciting dairy-free alternatives - Parmesan might just be next.
We will be launching a retail line of our cheeses in 180-300g convenient resealable packs, due in early 2022 and available in most states in Australia.
This website is where you can get access to our products in a delivery format - straight to your door. Our distributors (which we will share with you) will be where you can go to sample, see, and talk with someone directly about our cheeses.
This website and our social media platforms will keep you informed and updated on our new creations, where to buy more and some recipe ideas to enjoy our products. 

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